The types of Aluminum we buy: Aluminum cans, Cast Aluminum, 6061, 6063, Sheet, Aluminum rims, Chrome Rims, Cooler

Stainless Steel

We buy all types of 304 and 316 Stainless and also Stainless turnings. 


We buy different grades of Copper.   Ranging from Copper pipes, Copper wire, electric motors, A/C condensing coils,big motors, and much more.  

      Materials We Buy


We buy everything from old appliances, old hot water heaters, junk cars.and all types of metal.  


Yellow/Red brass, brass fittings, radiators, brass meters, brass turnings,and brass shells.  

A/C Compressors

We buy all old A/C Compressors

Automotive Batteries

We buy all Used car Batteries, lawn mower batteries,forklift, big equipment batteries, and golf cart. 

Insulated Copper Wire

We buy all types and grades of insulated wire. Romex, Auto harness, extension cords, Christmas lights, and Cat 5.